Class of 2020!!!!

Congratulations to our own Alexis and her Trinity pup/service dog/supper hero, Ember!

Three generations of Trinity Aussies’ mamas

Trinity Aussies, we breed quality

Miniature Australian Shepherds

At Trinity Aussies, we are dedicated to breeding the finest quality Miniature Australian Shepherds in a loving, family home environment. We have high standards for integrity, health, and temperament in our puppies. Our happy dogs are a testimony to that, and so are our satisfied families who choose our puppies.

Our Story

After tragedy struck my family in 2011, I found purpose and healing through the adoption of Miniature Australian Shepherds.  Their instinctive responsiveness to their owners’ feelings showed what a wonderful family pet this breed can be – they are tuned in to their family’s emotional status, and are exceptionally intelligent and easy to train. It was after months of research that I found and settled on this breed, which has resulted in years of joy over that decision. We have a happy family and very happy dogs!  It was a few years later, after much research and mentoring, that I chose to establish my own kennel and begin a breeding program.

The Trinity Aussies kennel provides puppies that are shaped for success.  We have found the Puppy Culture method produces properly socialized, emotionally enriched, intelligent, and trainable puppies who become excellent pets and working dogs.  Through this program, Trinity Aussies has provided several service and therapy dogs to families in need, as well as many outstanding pets and show dogs.

Part of the program we provide is ensuring the puppies start out with the best nutrition possible.  Check out the Nutrition tab for more information about diet.


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