A healthy start and a healthy lifestyle.


At Trinity Aussies, we feel that nutrition should be the top priority to provide our pups the best chance at a long healthy life. For that reason, we feed Life’s Abundance dog food. The superior quality is unmatched by any dog food on the market and its price is comparable to what you would find on the shelf. I have seen first-hand how this food can change a dog’s life, and in some cases, save their lives. For more info about Life’s Abundance, click here or email me for more information.


Feedback from some of our families:

” I have fed Life’s abundance to my Mini Aussie since I got him at 9 weeks old and his coat and overall health are incredible. He is young so I thought that was why his energy was so great but after switching my 10-year-old Aussie over to Life’s Abundance I can now see that energy and wellbeing is also from the food. My older boy now has a soft and shiny coat like he did when he was young. HIs coat prior to switching had become dull and unhealthy looking even though I was using organic, high-quality food. I highly recommend this dog food! ”